Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New togs

He he he....guess who I've seen again? That's right my favourite two charity volunteers 
I thought I'd pop in because January can be a good month to find things in the charity shops. 
I wasn't wrong!.

Excuse the photo, I asked DD1 to help me and she got the giggles. 

The whole lot was my usual price of £5. Trousers by George at Asda, which have a really soft suede style fabric. A classic white t-shirt from good old Marks and Spencer. It looks like it's never been worn, and I really like the v neck. The jumper is by Jaeger and soooo soft to feel. The label says it's 70% wool 30% cashmere which would explain it. Best not put it through the tumble dryer then lol.

Definitely an outfit to cuddle people in as I will be covered in soft snuggly textures.
Another successful outfit bought for the wardrobe I think. 

X x x


  1. That is a great outfit for 5 quid, well done,

  2. Another great outfit. I was looking in the charity shops in Hertford today, you have to pay upwards of £4 for just about every item. In Canterbury it was the same, whereas in Hampshire (a couple of years ago) I managed to score a complete 'office' outfit for about £5.


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