Friday, 1 January 2016

Crafting and problem solving

I managed to fit in one last craft projects before 2016 began. There were lots of fireworks being set off from around 9pm onwards so I couldn't have slept if I wanted to. 
I finished with 12 minutes spare. 

This morning I managed a few minutes sewing before everyone started waking up.
It's a little bigger than my usual card size projects but I'm hoping to turn it into a little cushion for DD1'S  birthday. She is a big cat fan.

This afternoon nap time and early evening was spent making some coasters for the girls.
For christmas they both received the same drinking mug and naturally won't use anything else.
I had been writting their initials on serviettes and using them as coasters but it was depleting my stash fast. Plus y'know we should all try to be a little more green and eco.
A lovely forum buddy of mine (who blogs here)
shared her coaster pattern with me. I tweaked it slightly to add embroidered names.
I used leftover scraps from my Christmas beanbags I made last year. 
Hopefully tomorrow will not only be squabble free but a little more eco friendly too.

X x x

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