Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Magical haircare products

Over the Christmas period Ebay can be a great place for a bargain. There's a lot less competition for things and cheap Chinese goodies get even cheaper.
I wanted a comb for doing the girls hair in the morning. I knew I could pop to the poundshop or wilko but decided to see if I could nab something cheaper on Ebay first. 
It finished at 1p and free postage. I was rather pleased with my frugalling.

Today it arrived. I was really impressed with the fast shipping, you can sometimes wait up to a month for things to arrive.
It's slightly bigger than I thought but all in all it'll do just what I needed.
BUT THEN......

I turned over the packet and read the 'instruction book'. In case you can't make out the picture I will write it out here. 

"The comb is tiber yak hamstring tendon, cottle  hoof muscle after high temperature melting. and add a special bamboo charcal factor, after many kinds of Chinese herbal medicine cooking, and then down into the mold refined but become,with bamboo charcoa factor comb the hair with beef tendon can anti-static promote the blood circulation, often can use the itching detoxification, reduce insomnia headache dizzy head of the symptoms such as expansion, has both nerves brain, to fight to protect hair care function, because it can proceed bloodcycle the endancement cellimunity."

Now I know its a magical comb I'm even more pleased with my penny spend! I look forward to sleeping better and reducing any headaches in the near future.

X x x


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