Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sporty Sunday

It's Sunday! And it's an exciting one. The final day of the January Basho,  the Royal Rumble and some football match my hubby is interested in.
I'm really only interested in the first two though lol.
Above is a photo of my current favourite Gagamaru, he isn't the highest ranking Sumo but I really enjoy watching his bouts.

AND! its the Royal Rumble.  Which if you don't know is a huge wrestling match between 30 WWE wrestlers. They enter the ring in two minute intervals and the last one standing in the ring is the winner.
My favourite  (and hotly tipped to win this year) is Roman Reigns. He's rather lovely to gaze upon, which is nice to do. 
I am of course aware wrestling is about as real as a wild caught Haggis, but that doesn't stop me enjoying it.

What sports do you enjoy watching? 



  1. My late MOther in law loved wrestling, she used to shout all sorts of obscenities at the tv. lol

  2. I lol'd when I saw the sumo guy. I watched it a few times on TV years ago. I know it's a serious sport but the way the guys look still makes me giggle.


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