Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fruity Futures?

I had a little splurge today at the garden centre. They were having a huuuuugeeee sale on pretty much everything they stocked. And I had gift vouchers to blow!

In the end I decided on some fruit bushes. These guys have three varieties to a pot, that apparently all benefit of one another. 
So I am now the proud owner of 2x raspberry canes, 2x gooseberry bushes and 2x blackcurrant bushes. I realise they aren't going to give me more than a handful or two of fruit this year, but with a little care and love they should increase each year.
Plus I can make some tasty leaf teas while I'm waiting.

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  1. Once they get going you'll be inundated! We had amazing amounts of fruit from our raspberries and blackcurrants last year, and they were only a couple of years old.


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