Sunday, 31 May 2015

Back to school backpacks.

Red book, 4 x nappies,  3 x wipes (sample packs)
Sample size sudacreme, small pot of nappy bags, 
1 x complete change of clothes, 1 x muslin, 1xhat.

Tomorrow it's back to school and preschool for the two biggest Randoms. It also means that G-man will have to get used to being out and about a bit more.
Which means he needs his backpack organised! Having a backpack per child is an absolute life saver for us.

Baby D - 3x nappies, 1 x wipes, 1 x hand gel
1x sun lotion, 1x sun hat and glasses
1x complete outfit.

We've got into a good routine of topping each bag back up after a trip out. That way we are always ready to go at a moments notice, the only additions needed are drinks and a snack usually.

DD; 1x sunhat and sunscreen, 1x hand gel,
School books (term time only)

In the winter we will swap the summer hats and sun lotions for hats and gloves.  Out of term times DD has a story book replace her school books.
For long journeys or waiting rooms I pop in a busy bag of goodies to amuse and entertain for the duration.

I'm planning to share a few more of organising ideas that work for us this week. I've got two weeks of Hubby being on paternity leave left to get myself back up to full running speed, so I'm going to use the time wisely and reboot some of our daily routines.

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  1. you sound very organized so it will work out well when dh goes back to work.

  2. So true Sarah being organised makes parenting easier. Individual backpacks are such a good ideas and keeping them replenished all help make life easier. In true Murphys Law the only times I never carried my supplies was when there was a nappy explosion !

  3. This is a brilliant idea! I will keep this in mind for future! Right now I just throw a random amount of nappies and wipes into a bag without any thought!


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