Monday, 25 May 2015

Day Three - Pirate parks and picnics.

How fab is this park? I first heard of it last summer when it won a grant to be redeveloped. 
Isn't it perfect for pirate play? The park itself is huge with swings, see saws, tunnels and all sorts but the girls focused mainly on the ship itself.
And the sand of course, oh the sand!

We sat on some log benches and enjoyed a little picnic together half way through playing. The girls had a Scotch egg each and a selection of fruit and vegetable chunks. 
They were so eager to play we voted to have our pudding at home, so they must have been enjoying themselves.

Once we got home, we popped on a pirate film and enjoyed some French fancies. 
All in all its been a very cheap and plesent day.

Tomorrow we will be staying home as we have visitors coming and Mummy is finally ready to be signed off by her midwife. 
Once the girls are in bed we will be setting up a few crafts for them to discover and do in the morning. 
Watch this space.

X x x


  1. a great time had by all by the looks of it. You are making many special memories for the girls.

  2. It looks like a fab park to explore. I'm not sure if you are anywhere near Folkestone, there is a fabulous and busy! park there with a pirate ship, then you could wander to the beach where there are huge stones- perfect for hunting for smugglers/mermaids ;-)


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