Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pirate week day 1

We've officially started half term with a big surprise for the girls. We've declared half term pirate week and planned lots of pirate themed activities, trips and movies.

Our first task was making pirate bunting. The girls came down to breakfast to find everything laid out ready. With a few other pirate theme things to help decorate our table area for the week. 

The dining table is now looking rather piratey for the week ahead. We're hoping to decorate the walls around it with our art and craft creations.

This afternoons activity was a water bead treasure hunt. I picked up a bargain 10 packets of water beads for just 1.99 on Ebay. They are fantastic for sensory play, in this case we filled a small box from the poundshop with beads and small plastic sea animals. The girls really enjoyed finding the treasure and them creating  elaborate plays with all the different sea animals.

X x X


  1. That looks great fun. Will there be home made pirate hats? I love home made hats!

  2. what neat ideas, you are such a great mum, they are going to have a whale of a time this week!

  3. What a fabulous idea! I love it.
    Stephanie is very interested in birds at the moment, especially now we have feeders encouraging so many into our garden. I might make it 'bird week' here once she is back from her dad's on Tuesday. That should give me enough time to organise things. :-)


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