Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 5 - Potty the Pirate!

Today was the main event for our pirate themed week. A pirate fun day at our local shopping centre. The girls both made a pirate mask at the craft table. I was so proud to be the parent to two of the few children to use please and thank you when talking to the pirate helpers. 

After hitting the craft table and both receiving a balloon creation from Potty himself, it was time for the show!
45 minutes of pirate magic, audience participation and a bit of  a ventriloqy kept the girls attention for the whole time. Which was fantastic as Little G needed a feed and change, so much easier when the girls are distracted!

We were so proud of their good behaviour we dug into the half term budget and splurged on a McDonald's lunch for each of them. 
So far the holidays have only cost a few pounds in craft supplies and petrol. Who says you need money to have fun?

Even Gman seems to have enjoyed himself today. I know at this stage (day 13!) it's probably wind and not a genuine smile but mummy doesn't care lol.

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  1. To give your girls a fabulous pirate themed week is a brilliant thing in itself - to manage it with a new little darling less than a fortnight old is quite astounding. Well done. And how lovely that your tots are SO polite, We award you an MBE [Maternally Brilliantly Excellent !!] xx

  2. well done to you and your dh in bringing up such well mannered children. G-Man looks so cute. You have a wonderful family.


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