Sunday, 17 May 2015

Life at Chez Random

Life is slowly settling into our new routine. Tomorrow is going to be a challenge I think, our first day of school runs after our quiet weekend bonding as a family of five!
We've kept visitors to a minimum (just grandparents and the neighbour who spotted us coming home) to let girls get used to being around G. Both of them are smitten but a little over enthusiastic to help.

D has found the whole thing exhausting and we keep finding her flaked out in various spots around the house. 

Boo has been enjoying the many many craft kit distractions we stashed for G's arrival. They all require minimal assistance to complete letting us feed and change G in peace. But also builds up a stunning showcase of "things" for her to proudly show visitors in the next few days.

As for me I am definitely feeling more mobile. I still haven't quiet mastered standing to sitting and back but otherwise recovery is pretty swift. 
I have some really impressive bruising from the cannulas though which surprised me by popping up overnight. 

X x x

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