Monday, 18 May 2015

Rudebarb prep

  I was given a lovely armful of Rhubarb by my parents at the weekend. Or as it's called in this house rudebarb. The name stuck after an incredible cute conversation with a young DD.

I spent the morning nap time sat at the dinner table cutting it up with a pair of scissors (such a great tip!) ready for the freezer. I like to mix crumble ingredients so I cut it quite small and popped it into some ice cream tubs.

I left out one mug full though and microwaved it with a little water. Gave it a quick wizz with my trusty stick blender and have frozen down the puree in an ice cube tray. 
It's the beginnings of G-mans weening stash. I'm hoping to add a few cubes of this and that over time so he has a nice selection of fruit, veg and dinners to try.

 Day five post section and I'm frugalling again. Ohhhhhhhhhh it feels good!

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  1. got a rhubarb plant on the weekend from the kids. Looking forward to using it.


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