Friday, 29 May 2015

Day 6 & 7 - Pirate week

  Apologies for yesterday's lack of post. We had a horrendous day!  Every so often we have one day where the girls can't stand the sight of each other. You practically have to keep them in separate rooms as even eye contact can cause a riot between them. Such was yesterday.
 Today though they are back to best friends so we can continue working with our lovely pirate week!
 This morning the girls found a pirate beach set each at the breakfast table. They have been sailing around the house most of the morning and tonight will be added to our bath toys stash  (while mummy culls a few older and grubby to make room)

We have also been  enjoying some pirate printables
 that mummy found online. The new printer arrived yesterday and is going to be so useful to have again!
 We made pirate itsy bitsy books to color and write in  too.

We also spent a few happy hours with some playground friends of ours. We all went to our favourite coffee shop for a drink and catch up. It was lovely seeing all the children chatting together on the squishy sofa. 
Gman was being passed around for snuggles when I snapped this photo, just in case you think I'd forgotten him lol.

X x x


  1. Yes indeed those days do happen when kids just don't get along .......

  2. You wonder what on earth has got into them when they fight like cat and dog? Think you did a great job with the pirate week.


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