Saturday, 24 November 2012

Tomorrow's Teaparty

 My SIL and her fiance are popping over tomorrow to coo over our new baby and just have a general catch up. So I decided to have a homemaker moment and create a little tea party for us all. And a frugal tea party at that!
 I've laid out the table for 5 ready, getting out the lovely Royal Doultan set I was given for last Christmas. I am so in love with my set that I've scoured Ebay since last Christmas for more pieces. I now have a matching tea set for 5 and 4 more bread plates (£6 on Ebay using Fat Fingers)
 I've even splashed out in the pound shop for these sweet blue floral serviettes. And after this party I will have plenty left for more tea partys.
All the food will be made from scratch. The first course is finger sandwich's which I will make in the morning, a choice of tuna mayonnaise or Cheese and tomato.  Second course is homemade scones with homemade jam. I splashed out with one of my Tesco vouchers and picked up a small pot of clotted cream. The third course will be homemade brownies with chocolate frosting which is... you guessed it.....homemade!  I have also made a handful of sugar lumps for the occasion.
 I hope they enjoy eating it all as much as I've enjoyed creating it.

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  1. What an elegant tea party.

    So glad you enjoyed my wassail recipe.

    weekend blessings x

  2. looks like a very nice tea party x

  3. I love a tea party - easier than dinner, less mess than lunch xx


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