Friday, 16 November 2012

Frugal goings on

 Firstly I have been invaded by the lovely Angela's gnomes. Hop on over to Tracing Rainbows to check out her wonderfully simple knitting pattern and make your own.

 We also have been making pineapple-upside-down-cake. I picked up a pineapple for 50p last week at the local market, and have been desperately waiting for it to ripen. Today was that magical day so DD and I got baking.

 While the cakes were baking we did the washing up together. I clean all the glass and sharp type things, DD cleans the plastic things, cutlery, plastic pots etc. She really enjoys helping out and though it takes us 5 times as long to do it together, I really enjoy the one on one time with her.
   And once we'd finished washing up our cakes were finished. As I type they are cooling on the side and it's taking everything I have to run in there and gobble them up. There could have been 8 anyway but neither DD nor me could resist that lovely fresh pineapple tempting us.

 And finally here is my current on the needle project. Apparently this top is supposed to be everlasting. Once finished it is a dress for your 3 year old, Tunic for a 4 year old and finally a top for a 6 year old. It's a nice easy knit to take about with me. So far I have knitted at the shop, my knitting group, Asda's car park and I will do some more in front of the latest episode of Kirstie's vintage home tonight on 4OD.

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  1. That was fast work - you only received the corks 2 days ago!!! I love the random colours too.

    I have only ever made BIG pineapple UD cakes. t has never occurred to me to make individual ones. I shall do that next time [than I can freeze some for later , instead of the two of us pigging out and eating the lot in one go]


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