Saturday, 10 November 2012

Shopping on Saturday

 Lovely Pine Chairs- Freegle - Free!

 Today had been hectic, I have recovered my latest cold but it meant that today I had to catch up with everything. First we picked up some pine chairs from a local kind person. They will be so much nicer than our folding metal chairs, which are getting rather chilly in certain areas this time of year.
Mixed nuts tube - 59p Roasted nuts tube - 59p Halloween invites - 15p

 I had a quick pop into Waitrose and picked up some bits from the reduced bin. I was looking to see if they had a cheap chicken for Sunday lunch but alas no reductions so I ended up getting it in Tesco. All this will be stashed for Christmas and next October.
 Both magazines - 50p each  Bib - 20p

I also discovered my favourite charity shop open, normally it shuts on Saturday but there was a craft event in the hall next door. Can't blame them for not wanting to miss the footfall. The magazines are a special treat for DD when she has been good. There is nothing like an incentive to make a toddler behave.

 Welly Boots - £1
 I picked these up from the charity shop as well. I have been hunting for some cheap boots for puddle splashing. DD has been wearing them all day, and I suspect she will try and sleep in the them!

2 halloween costumes - 25p each  Halloween confetti/sequins - 25p 3x 5 disposable razors - 6p each
3x Halls soother (dated 2014!) - 22p each

And finally I went into Wilkonsons as I'd heard about a toilet roll bargain lol. Then I spotted there reduced trolley on route to the till. I will be spying on it a lot in the coming weeks as our store isn't very big and sells off loads of things as the Christmas stock rolls in.
  On the way home from work we dropped of some clothes we had offered another freegler. And finally I got home and sat down for a rest!

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy day! Love the pink boots for puddle splashing! BTW, I've tagged you for a game of blog-tag! I'll be posting details tonight and I'd love if you would come play along! It's a great way to get to know one another and other bloggers too!

  2. That sounds like a crazy busy, but really successful day!


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