Friday, 2 November 2012

Ebay goodies

 I've been dipping in and out of Ebay lately looking for some cheap Christmas presents to add to my stash. While having a potter about this afternoon I came upon the lot in the photo above. DD is a huge fan of the Tweenies (4 dolls in the middle row) and seeing as they are usually £8 each I put a bid in. My winning bid? £5.50 for the whole lot!
 It was a local pick up only auction so OH emailed them to arrange pick up and they said ASAP so he was picking them up within 30 minutes of the auction ending!
 The Tweenie dolls, Winnie the pooh toys and Bob the Builder toys have been hooked out. The rest is straight in the donation bag for the local charity shop. No point in adding even more clutter to the house.
DD isn't a fan of Bob the Builder, but as a mum I know how much these character toys can cost. I popped them on my Facebook page in a for sale post. They sold within the hour for £5 the pair. So my addition to DD and Baby D's presents cost a very frugal 50p
 I'm feeling rather smug lol

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  1. I used to buy toys like that, from car boot sales and from free ads sellers, my kids were always happy with what they had. my son had the world's largest collection of lego!

  2. That's a great way to approach Christmas. So you should feel smug.

    Sft x


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