Monday, 1 April 2019


My goodness April has arrived already! How did that happen? 
I had some errands to run this morning so i popped in to see my Mum for a belated mothers day visit and then headed into town.
In Tesco I found some reduced Kale (24p) and teacakes (52p). In the Co-Op I found a bunch of celery (39p) the last bunch I bought there is regrowing nicely so I've been watching out for more reduced bunches. 

I also picked up the current £5 meal deal in Co-op. They tend to be very generous with portions so I often get two meals out of one selection. Tonight we will have the crispy chicken and chicken burgers. I'll use half the peas, alphabites and ice cream.
The fishfingers will save with the remaining bites and peas for another meal. Whether the ice cream makes it remains to be seen. It has habit of disappearing.

This afternoon I completed the first picture in my new mosaic stickerbook. I recieved it yesterday as a Mother's Day present. I quite enjoyed peeling all the tiny stickers and finding the right space for them. 
I'm tempted to start the next one tonight.

X x X


  1. great deals there. You should show us a photo of your celery that you are regrowing.

  2. im a fan of the Coop meal deals , the only ones we dont bother with is the pizza ones , im so old i just think of pizza as posh cheese on toast

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  4. doesn't all ice cream seem to just go fast!!


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