Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Getting my crafting on.

I've been experimenting with the vintage wallpaper from yesterday. 
First I took the box frame apart, removed one of the matting boards and then frame a small swatch of wallpaper. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for things to add into the frame. I tried adding a few of Gman's mini trains but it didn't look quite right. 

I put the frame on top of his bedside table and was struck with a surge of inspiration.

What do you think? I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. There's still a huge amount of paper left on the roll too, so there is plenty for more projects.

I shared the photos of my upcycling on Facebook. Within ten minutes two people had messaged me offering some Thomas curtains and bedding. I was given both on the school run and rushed home to get his new curtain put up. 
The second curtain will become some cushions for his bed shortly.
I feel so blessed today.

X x X


  1. Amazing Sarah..isn't it nice when you share what you have done and then others offer stuff..the room looks brilliant and well done to you.

  2. So lovely, I used to love making stuff for the kids when they were young. iphones were not around then to take lots of piccys so they are all in my head, lol

  3. Thats great. He will love it no doubt.

  4. that's great love the chest of drawers.

  5. SO Cute!! Love the dresser - well done!

  6. Very inventive use of the wallpaper, well done! Bet he loves it.

  7. I love this. Never had to decorate for boys but I bet any little guy that loves trains would be so happy!

  8. This is great. How about train tickets in the frame?


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