Monday, 29 April 2019

Charity shop haul

We donated a hefty pile of odds and ends today while the children were at school. 
Of course I couldn't resist a quick mooch while I was there.
(Another!) Box frame - 50p
3 Math card games - 20p for all 3
Vintage Thomas wallpaper- 50p 

 The frame and wall paper will be used to decorate Gman's room. 

I also picked up this pretty notice board type thing. It's perfect for my heart themed dining room. I'm going to look out for little heart themed images to display on it. 
Well worth 50p.

What bargains have you found lately?

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  1. Those maths cards are excellent - I have some and have used them with lots of my students. You got a real bargain there. BUT I would suggest you strengthen the boxes with some Sellotape straightaway. My cards have had so much use that the flimsy boxes soon disintegrated! Have fun

  2. 2 dining chairs for 99p, beats the £35 at ikea and they are stronger. I need to paint them with left over paint :)


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