Friday, 26 April 2019

It's Friday

After dropping the girls off at school this morning we toodled down to Havant for toddler group.
The two smallest had a lovely time with their old friends and I really enjoyed catching up with some of my mummy friends. Lots of babies seemed to have arrived during the Easter holidays so there were some tiny baby cuddles to enjoy too.

This afternoon I finished the final shape for the Christmas garland. I'm really impressed with how they all turned out. 
The next project is making small stockings for everyone. Tonight's job will be cutting out the pieces ready to sew. There is a pattern in the book but it needs enlarging so i might attempted drawing it freehand.
I'm looking quite forward to making them.

X x X


  1. You are way in front! I am impressed.

  2. you are a busy bee, well done. Like you I think of Christmas year round.

  3. Tha looks brilliant Sarah..i keep an eye for things for christmas as weel that i can make in advance


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