Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Back to School.

DD1 was very wobbly about her first day at Junior school this morning. However she was very brave and there were no tears in the playground. 
She came home full of smiles and enthusiasm, but also with raging pencilcase envy. 

DD2 had a good first day back. There were no incidents and she charmed the pants off her new teacher. She reports that they "did writtin' all day and dinnertime was chicken gloogongs".

Gman has enjoyed a day of peace at home, which included a nice long afternoon nap. 
Our after school activity today was water play. The girls covered dinosaur eggs with water using pipettes, Gman also enjoyed filling and pouring from various containers. 
Everyone was kept amused just long enough for me to cook dinner.
A sucessful day all round!

X x X

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  1. That must be relief. I remember the days of pencil case envy! X


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