Monday, 11 September 2017

Poundworld rant

I love poundshops. They are a constant source of inspiration and cheap entertainment.
But I don't like them when they lie or trick their customers.
I'm looking at you Poundworld!
Your own shop signage declares "everything a £1"  but that isn't true is It? I could forgive the manager special bins by the till. Speakers and feather pillows for £5 etc. It was always very obvious.
But now randomly priced things are appearing on regular selves, often with no hint of pricing. Until you get to the till and end up paying 2 or 3 times at much as you originally believed. 
The stamp set above cost £2, I picked it up along with a few other items thinking it would be priced at £1. I know your sneaky tricks so I checked the shelve edge in front of them, the box they were displayed in (another sneaky tactic) and asked your own staff if they were only £1. They checked the shelf and box, and assured me that yes they were £1.

If your own staff can't tell the prices of things, how on earth are your customers supposed to?

I think I will just avoid Poundworld in future.
There are much more honest poundshops to visit.

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  1. How frustrating. I saw a top on a display in TK Maxx. New season must have only £12.99. I rarely buy new, but thought I would treat myself, for my new job. Got to the check out and was told it was £19.99! I said "but it says 12. 99" and the assistant got really cross with ME. She went and ripped the price card off the display and said "the tag is wrong" No apology or anything. I said "well I cannot buy it at that price" and walked is annoying...

  2. we have an out of town Poundworld that i can take Mr for a hobble round sadly Lincon town center is infested with endless roadworks and the parking is expensive even for a cripple. If i have a £5 budget for shopping there nothing grates more than the hidden £2 items , I have no embarrassment at kicking a stink up at the till , Ive turned in to a right grumpy old biddy since we became


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