Sunday, 10 September 2017

Popping and Bopping

Clever hubby has done it again! Another huge box appeared overnight. The children were delighted to discover it was filled with balloons!
It made for a very fun, if a little loud, morning.

In the early afternoon though we had a casulty. My poor lampshade was punched by my husband. To be fair he was being attacked by a giant brown moth that had just been disturbed by rearranging the curtains, so I can't be to cross. 
I've carefully cut away the cracked plastic and fabric to leave the rings ready for reuse. I will have a little look on Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration. 
 It can be my next project after the baby knitting is finished. I've just got a second sleeve and the band's to do, so it's almost there.

X x x

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