Thursday, 7 September 2017


DD1 called down the stairs last night at about 9pm. "Muuuuummmm! There's blood everywhere!" 
Her poor tooth was literally hanging on by a thread and making a fine mess. It took us about 15 minutes to pop it out. The adult tooth was already underneath it so she shouldn't be gappy for long.

DD2 managed another good day at school on Wednesday but you can see at what cost in the photo above.  The poor lamb was fast asleep by 6pm. 
Today she's had a few toilet accidents and poor levels of concentration. Her teacher observed several trips and stumbles throughout the day and widely added her to the school lunch time club rather than let her loose in the playground.
Lunch time club is an indoor group for children who are best out of playground. There's usually a kid with a cast, and anyone who is having issues with bullies, confidence etc. Activities are fun and gentle usually a simple craft or a jigsaw. Perfect for my tired little lady.

Gman has been enjoying our 1:1 time. Yesterday we took a nature walk and found some fascinating sticks and pinecones.
Today we had a sneaky toasted teacake and shared a glass of milk. 
He charmed the pants of the little old dears sitting at the table opposite. It's a lovely cafe to sit in as you see the occasional bus go past. Gman  loves buses and happily announced in the loudest voice possible whenever one came past "anudder bus!" It was so cute!

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P.s - Huge thank you my hubby for fixing my photo issue for me. I have no idea what was wrong but he did much important clicking. 


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  1. I'm glad you managed to get your photo issues sorted. I'm useless with anything techie like that.
    I hope DD2 is OK. I think school can be overwhelming following he long Summer break. X


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