Sunday, 7 June 2015

Strawberry Sunday

We were invited to help pick a glut of strawberries today on my parents allotment.
The girls were each furnished with a container and a.quick lesson on good and bad strawberries to pick.
They both did really well and were a great help. I don't believe for one second that all the strawberries made it home safe, both containers felt suspiciously lighter at the home end of our journey. 
 It was a lovely way to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. Tomorrow I will make Gman some strawberry puree cubes for weaning. (If any make it through the night!)

X x x

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  1. Haven't made it down to pick my own strawberries yet, but am enjoying all the fresh ones in the markets - quite good value! I have a parcel of stuff ready for your girls, if you email me your address...


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