Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dealing with tummy bugs.

It's 5am, your snuggly cozy in your bed having a wonderful dream about Mr.Depp.
Suddenly you feel someone tapping your legs.
"Mummy, I ..... feel.....*BRURGHHHHHH. 

oh yes! The tummy bug has hit. 
Such was my  wake up this morning. Luckily we have a few systems in place for such events.

First we have a few empty food tubs to act as sickbowls. Margerine, ice cream and takeaway tubs are perfect for this. 
We have two on rotation (one to use, one to clean). Once the bug has passed we throw them away.

Second we isolate a bathroom. We are lucky to have a bathroom upstairs and a toilet downstairs. The downstairs loo becomes the poorly persons toilet. The idea is to avoid cross contamination. Everything is sprayed with anti bac before and after toilet trips or cleaning out the bowls. If the poorly person is drinking I'll clean their cups in here  first with anti bac before adding it to the washing up bowl.

Third we wait for 6 hours without vomiting before trying any food. We use the BRAT method  to restart feeding. BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. 
All easy to digest, plain foods with lots of energy in them.

Forth is mummy cuddles. Nothing will make a poorly person feel nicer than a good quality mummy squeeze. It's the best medicine in the world.

X x

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