Friday, 12 June 2015

Back to normal - almost.

DD has recovered enough today to return to school, Baby D is back at preschool and it's just me and Gman at home. Time to put the house straight and reboot the laundry routine.
It's amazing how much disorder can build up over 2 days. 
I have however been able to whip up a little sleeveless cardigan for a prem baby knitting group I'm proudly part of. I've knitted it over the heads of napping poorly girls and snuggles with my little man.

Though quite how babies can sleep in these positions is quite beyond me. OH says it looks like I shot him lol

X x x


  1. That is such a cute pattern- where can I find a copy?

  2. I'm fairly confident my husband could sleep on a washing line.


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