Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday Mutterings

 DH is back to work tomorrow so I am trying to make the most of my free time today. I won't get anymore till  Thursday.
 I've processed yesterday's strawberries into a tray of strawberry puree cubes for the weaning stash. The rest will be gobbled up for tonight's desert with some crushed meringue and cream.

Dinner tonight is a double sized spaghetti bolognaise. That way tomorrow's dinner is covered and I can feed the girls in three minutes flat after the school run. It also means I can have mine in peace once everyone is tucked up in bed for the night.

 I'm taking part in the 7 day challenge on Streetbank. The idea is to offer one thing or service everyday for a week. Yesterday I offered a pair of shoes that didn't fit me, and today a steam steriliser we didn't get on with.

And I've also found time to sit down and start work on my Summer of colour 2015 entry. Week one's colour scheme is two blues and a green. I'm getting a big underwater vibe from my selection.
I will finish it off this evening once the background is dry and do a bit reveal tomorrow.

And after all that it's time to start the school run again in 20 minutes. Good thing I love being busy!

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  1. as always you sound pretty organized and that is always a good thing!! Have a good week.

  2. I like your piece for SOC. Looks great so far. Those strawberries look yummy. That's a great way of freezing them, by the way. Thanks for the hint. Have a great day and thx. for stopping by my SOC post.


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