Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine's blog swap reveal

Just look at all these lovely goodies ready to unwrap. Except for the chocolates (very wise! Never get between a pregnant lady and her chocolate), every thing was wrapped in gorgeous purple tissue and pink ribbon. Definitely popping that into the girls crafting stash :)

 A big delicious box of heart shaped chocolates. I'm already liking this swap a lot!

 A cute cross stitch kit to make up. I love making little cross stitch cards for people, I don't have the patience for larger pieces. I might tuck this into my bag for all the hospital waiting rooms I'm due to sit in shortly.

A heart themed bath bomb. Looking forward to using this shortly :)

  A box of miniature wooden pegs. I'm thinking these would be so sweet to put up some of the girls drawings in the playroom. And perhaps keep a few of Baby S's tiny socks and bootees together.

 Some long heart topped pins, perfect for piecing together my knitting projects! They are the perfect length and the various colours will stop them getting lost in the wool!
 The knitted heart hanger is super cute, and matches in with my purple living room beautifully. It is currently hanging on my bureau.

 I can't wait to come up with something crafty to do with this lovely ribbon.

And last but not least a jar of heart shaped buttons. With two girly girls in the house they will be extremely useful (If i can just get them back from DD who is currently threading them onto embroidery thread).

Thank you so much Joanna for my lovely gifts. Every single one is perfectly suited to me and you have obviously read my blog and researched me. I will even forgive you for sending it in a recycled beer box! You have no idea how much this lady is craving a tall cold pint, especially after a dry Christmas. 

X x X


  1. I'm so so pleased you liked them! Once I get my camera working again I will do a post about the lovely things you sent me, minus the chocs because I've already eaten them! x

  2. what a lovely and perfect Valentine's blog swap gift. Did you take a photo of what you sent?

  3. What lovely goodies! I sent mine off recently and am looking forward to receiving the parcel from my partner. Aren't bloggy swaps like this fun?!


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