Monday, 23 February 2015

Squeeze it in.

Baby D has fallen asleep this evening in record time, in fact it happened half way through dinner poor thing. So myself and DD decided to squeeze in one last mummy-daughter activity before school starts tomorrow. 

We decided it would be best to do a yummy activity together so we busted out some popping corn.

DD loves trying to guess when it will start popping, and watching it dance around inside the saucepan as it explodes.
We made a huge bowl worth to share with Daddy, and  there is plenty left for an after school snack tomorrow.
Not a bad end to half term at all

X x x


  1. such a lovely thing to make with our children. Baby's quilt is over on my blog if you want a sneeky peek xxx

  2. half term was over with in a blink of an eye wasn't it?

  3. I love popping corn and Ive seen Froogs blanket for your baby and I'm insanely jealous! ;) xx


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