Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mummies little astronaut.

While I've been downstairs tending to two poorly and grumpy girls, hubby has been upstairs  working away like a bust little  bee. He's  screwed, arranged, painted, decaled and generally beautified.
And what had all this hard work created?

The perfect nursery area for Baby Random. All I need to do is source a cheap changing unit and it's ready. And in plenty of time for lots of rearranging and sorting (I nest a phenomenal amount in my third trimester).

Didn't Daddy do well?


  1. Daddy did very well making such a lovely spot for BB. I think Mummy did very well too looking after DD and D,

    I hope your landlords appreciate the wonderful transformations you both have been making to your home! Take care and keep warm,

    Michelle, down in Wellington, NZ (and loving all the World Cricket Cup TV coverage - I hope tomorrow's game between NZ and England is a good one)

  2. It looks beautiful, a lovely restful corner for when your little one arrives x


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