Thursday, 19 February 2015

A trip to the hairdresser.

Today was my morning at knit and natter, followed by our Christmas meal out. You might think it's a bit late in February,  but trust me when I say it is a big improvement on previous years.
So today was declared Daddy daughters day. One of the jobs we wanted to get done this half term was getting the girls haircut. 

DD choose to have her cute bob haircut again. All I need to do in the mornings now is brush, spray and clip! Definitely a time saver and super cute to boot.

Diddy  had her cut quite short but it will soon grown out on her. Already her hair looks thicker just having lost all the last baby fine bits.

Her hair has also darkened as she's aged and is now much more like her sisters. 
Both are still struggling with their cough and colds so after the haircut we popped them back home for a rest. Both of them napped for a good hour.
Our last job before school starts is new shoes for DD.

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