Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cheering things up!

I  was starting to get cabin fever today after days of being indoors. We bundled ourselves up in our coats and shoes and had a little walk over the bridge to the local garden centre. 
I took my voucher with me just in case we spotted any bargains, and it's a good thing I did!

This lovely little bucket of Narcissus was reduced down to just £2! The first few flowers have gone over but there are several about to emerge and some not even in bud yet. I'm hoping they stagger themselves over the next few weeks. 

I peeped under the £2 sticker to find out the original price and was flabbergasted to see £11.99 on the sticker! I certainly wouldn't have paid that for it.
Although I suppose you do have to factor in the fact you now have life long Narcissus bulbs. 

I also picked up a punnet of Lobelia for £1. Reduced from £5.99 I couldn't resist! 

I  have seen a few pins on Pinterest of tiered pot displays. I had a dig in the shed to find some stashed pots and found two that might suit. 
The top layer has four poundshop Hyacinths in it and the bottom layer has half of the Lobelia. I've popped it outside by the front door for now but will bring it in overnight should it look frosty.
Fingers crossed it will look beautiful and full of blooms shortly.

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  1. what a deal you got there. Still covered in mounds of snow here {{SIGH}}

  2. Hi - I've made you a baby quilt. Can you email me your address ( see the contract bit on my blog) thanks xxx

  3. Great bargains, you got some lovely buys!


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