Thursday, 25 August 2011

Royal Doulton Love

Isn't this beautiful? I love love love the pale poppy's and the tiny pretty daisy's. And best of all....

I have 4 dinner plates, 5 tea plates, 5 bread plates, 5 bowls, 1 coffee pot and 1 veggie dish with lid. I will be keeping my eyes open for another dinner plate on Ebay so I can complete my little set.
A friend of mine gave them to me when I told her my plans for hosting Christmas at our flat. As we are a family of three, one of whom being a toddler we only have 3 mismatched dinner plates in the cupboard and lots of plastic bowls for DD. She said she never hosted anymore as her children had grown up and she was now the guest, so if I promised to care for them and use them they were mine mine mine. Such incredible kindness!!!
x x x

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  1. Coming over from Down-to-earth. Nothing like having beauty at the table! I received my first fancy dishes when I turned 18 from mom.I was thrilled. 8 place settings. Did us well for a few years and as the family grew the dishes went away as we had more kids then the dishes. Now with the family downsizing we use them a lot more. Funny how that works out!

  2. What a lovely gift, and so beautiful, too! I've always thought about having a small set of dishes to use for special occasions but it never got past the thinking stage.
    Hope you find the rest of what you're looking for. :)

    visiting from Down To Earth

  3. What a lovely and generous gift from your friend. I have found sometimes it is much easier to give away something you love (but don't use much) to someone you know personally rather than say a thrift/op shop. It sounds like a perfect arrangement. You get lovely dishes, she finds her lovely dishes a new home with someone who will truly appreciate them.

    Oh, and I got a real kick out of your profile description as a "25 year old wannabe Amish." I suppose that could describe me as well, though I am 27. I strongly admire Amish, Brethren, and Hutterite culture. I wish I'd been born there. But, it is so enjoyable to adopt even some of the simple life.

    Popping by from Down to Earth.

  4. I too have been given a lovely royal doulton dinner set not as many pieces as you have but I love it. The design you have is very tranquil and pleasing to the eye.
    TFS - popped over from Down To Earth.


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