Monday, 29 August 2011

A lovely day out (Hugely Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovely readers. Thank you for all your lovely comments and a big welcome to my new followers :). I never knew I'd interesting to so many people.
Today we planned to visit the kite festival at Southsea. It's been a lovely sunny day and people were milling around the common in droves. I snapped a few pics of the various kites we spotted.

I thought they looked rather impressive behind the statues on the war memorial.
Then after getting a little bit to chilly in the sea breeze we decided to head over to Southsea Castle for a little bit of a mooch. It love love love this building, it's just so beautiful. If you ever in the area it is well worth a quick visit. Also it's free.

Inside the museum is this rather impressive model of King Henry the 8th. He of the 6 wives fame. DD threw a small tantrum when we wouldn't let her beep his nose. LOL
DD and OH just after the tantrum.
The walls in Southsea Castle can be 3 metres thick in some places, meaning there are some huge windowsills. Can you imagine how many family photo's and knick knacks you could fit on one of these if you lived there?
Riding the cannon with a little help from Daddy. OH was fascinated by all the original and replica cannons in the courtyard. I think DD rode most of them :)
3 A suit of armour and a rum barrel on display in the museum.

Make up bag, Compact mirror, Royal Jelly soap, Next body spritz
Tombola winnings.
Felt duck picture £1, Handmade bookmark which we watched being made and personalised £1.

2 little duck models 50p, Turkey dog toy- 50p tombola win, sample of dog treats, souvenir poster 40p, Hedgehog microwave cuddly £1 toy tombola.

The dog toy and treats will be passed on to our lovely neighbour for her hearing dog. Our souvenir poster was cheaper than a postcard and will be popped on the fridge.

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