Friday, 12 August 2011

A long long day

DD is a poorly panda today. I'm pretty sure it's all teething related but she is suffering something chronic. So we are camped out on the sofa with snuggly blankets, lots of fluids and a stack of DVD's. First up we have Evita. I love love love this movie, I always tear up at the end. And I sing along badly the whole way through.

Next we move onto the classic Citizen Kane. I love the storyline, the glamorous ladys, the handsome actors. The killer ending and message. It really is just one of those perfect films, even if Family Guy does dislike the lack of boobs lol.
And thirdly we have The man in the iron mask. Again I love the story and the costumes. I had a huge crush in my teens on Mr. Caprio. I also have a huge pile of films to work through if I need more entertaining. One of the perks of having second hand films in our shop is that we get first dibs and can watch anything we fancy before it goes on the shelf.

What are your favorite films, and what do you have on your "to watch" pile?

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