Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday wanderings

Today we decided to break our lazy Sunday into two manageable lazy chunks by taking DD for a little walk to our local country park. The plan was to feed the local duck population the stale bread we'd found in the back of the fridge and wear DD out for her afternoon nap. But when we got there we found this (see above). A free open air concert staring The Stones, a Rolling Stone tribute band. So we decided to plop ourselves on the grass and have a listen

After a quick hunt through mummy's handbag........

.... we found and emergency stash of toys, biscuits and drinks to keep us going. But after a nice sit down and rest it was onwards.......
.....To the ducks!!!!
We found loads hiding the other side of the lake to the music festival. Apparently ducks don't really like The Rolling Stones.

And then we had conquered Staunton once again! Ready to go home for a nice nap.

x x x x

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