Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Who says kids are expensive?

 Do you remember the double buggy we found in a local charity shop? Well we scored big in the very same shop again today! As soon as we walked in the door for a mooch about the lady on the till said she had just filled up the 4 for £1 basket with baby girls clothes. So I picked up;
1x Play suit
1x White coat (BNWT for £8!)
1x Dress (BNWT for £4!)
3x T-shirts saying various cute things
3x Trousers

 Total price £2.25  Not bad at all to keep Baby D looking sharp.
And that's not all as there were also plenty of items in the bargain box for DD to;
4x Trousers
3x T-shirts
1x Dress
1x Pyjama set

Again all this was a teeny tiny £2.25 so for less than a fiver both my girls have nicely update wardrobes. Not to shabby.

I also picked up two wonderful hand knitted jumpers in another local charity shop for just £1 each. I really like the purple one, it is so comfy and super warm. The green one however I'm not so certain about, I might pop it in my clothes cupboard for a little while and if I find it isn't being worn I shall unravel to make into something a tad nicer. That what I love about knitting, if you get bored of your creations you can just unravel it and begin again.

Take care everyone
x x x


  1. Hello lovely, you look great in both and the kiddie clothes are a bargain, they grow so quickly that they are out of them in no time xxx

  2. Wow, what awesome bargains! I really need to take the time to have a good look through charity shops. I really like both jumpers, and while I knit... I had never even thought to unravel a completed item. I think I will forever look at jumpers in a whole new light! (hmmm, what could I make you into?) That is fabulous.

  3. We are picking up lots of little bargain for GD's babygirl in chazza shop rummage boxes too - it's great! I love up-cycling into quilts and jumpers too, and from what I read online, we are SO TRENDY!! lol


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