Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday musings

Not bad for a day's knitting and just in time for Halloween. Baby D looks rather fetching I think.

 We gave the hat a test run when we went to our 6 week checkup. My doctors surgery is fantastic in an emergency but routine/non emergency appointments can take weeks hence The D is almost 10 weeks lol.
 She past super flying colours and is on the 75th percentile for almost everything. She even flirted with the Dr a little with big gummy grins.
 Me on the other hand is not such good news. My blood test shows an infection brewing somewhere and anaemia. So I am back on 3 types of tablets again plus "The Pill". So from tomorrow afternoon if I run too fast I fully expect to rattle!
 Ho Hum!

x x x


  1. Oh she looks so sweet.

    Hope your health improves soon.

  2. Vitamins, fruit and veg. Sleep when you can. Sending love and hugs xxx


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