Saturday, 27 October 2012

Waste not Want not

 This (badly taken) photo is of a jacket I wore to death while I was pregnant. It's gone all bibbly bobbly, the tummy area is stretched out and there is a small hole in one of the arms for some reason. I stashed it in the cupboard of doom shortly after having Baby D and have just uncovered it as I began to have a sort through. So I waited till the wee ones were asleep and got to work with some scissors.
I now have 4 large pieces for drying glass dishes, 8 cleaning cloths and 4 very bizarre shaped scraps for dirty jobs (cleaning shoes, scrubbing really filthy things). I don't bother washing the tiny scraps and just chuck them. But the rest will be used and reused until death and then probably end up on a compost heap.
 The zip isn't very trustworthy so I'm planning to attempt this with it.
And I have a cunning plan for the cuffs and collar so watch this space!
 Last and not least the tags and label have been added to DD sticking bits pot because I was determined to use every single piece.

 So I have a better stocked cloth drawer and 2 projects to entertain me from one manky old jacket. Not bad eh?

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    Can you get in touch with your address please so I can send your prize - the Phillippa Gregory book. I think you can get to me by email through my blog. I hope you enjoy it!


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