Monday, 6 March 2017

London Baby!

My wonderful Hubby surprised me recently with tickets to an art exhibition.
I really wanted to see American Gothic when it came to London, as it's the first time it has been allowed to travel outside of America and Canada. 
The painting has been something of a favourite of mine since childhood. It's one of those iconic paintings that most people seem to know. Like Van Gogh's Sunflowers or Dali's Melting clocks (The persistance of memory)

It's beautiful in real life, the detail of it is mind blowing. I really recommend a trip to see it if you have to chance. Who knows when, if ever it'll return to see us!
 We also took the opportunity to do a little shopping. Only in the best stores you understand. Like treats for the children from Fortnum and Mason.

And the sweetest hedgehog coffee mug I think I have ever seen!
I do love the fun of some of Cath Kidstons prints. 

What have you been surprised with recently?



  1. What a very lovely and thoughtful surprise. It must have been amazing to see the painting in real life especially if it's a favourite. Lucky lady.
    The hedgehog mug is too cute! Have you used it yet? X

  2. What a lovely treat - I saw the American Gothic exhibition advertised and would love to see it, but don't think I can. Very glad YOU got to enjoy it [and how kind to buy the F&M treats for the children too] Such special days now make for great memories later!


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