Sunday, 12 March 2017

An Easter Challenge

 I was moaned about recently on Facebook. My crime was sharing pictures 'all the time' of the things I do with the children. 
I was told it was easy to entertain kids if you throw money at them.
Apparently they don't read this blog, lol.

However it led onto an interesting conversation and long story short my budget for Easter half term activities is now £2. Which I've already spent!
My challenge is now to entertain the kids over Easter with 10 plastic eggs and 12 neon colored chicks. 
The rules are to create at least 1 activity per day using the eggs and/or chicks. And I can only use basic supplies to supplement them (for example pens,paper, scissors etc) but nothing you might need to buy in (feathers, beads, pipe cleaners).

 This is going to take some thinking about but I'm confident. Watch this space!



  2. What about making your own board game (kids helping) using the chicks as counters, not sure of a theme - you could tie it to learning sounds or times tables or adding or something? With paper & pens you could easily make a board...

  3. Quite frankly how STUPID people are to moan about such things. I am always so impressed at how well (and cheaply) you entertain & educate your children during the holidays. I would only be envious of you (if I had kids) because you do such a great job. Bah humbug to FB detractors. YOU know that you're doing a fine thing - & not throwing money at them. Could they play a game of hide the chicken? DD2 hides them & DD1 finds them? Or you could hide them and write clues to find them? You see, I'm nowhere near as imaginitive as you!!


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