Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Felt fun

After some heavy thought over a cuppa and some Pinterest browsing, I decided on making Halloween fuzzy felt.
I cut a handful of themed shapes like skulls, pumpkins and castles, then made geometric shapes from the off cuts to use as eyes, windows and whatever else the kids decide on. 
It was a nice to sit a cut shapes while watching the two youngest play.  I have plenty of felt leftover so I can add shapes as they occur to me later.

The teeny tiny offcuts were recycled into a tiny plate of food. The girls love imagination play AND tiny things so I think I'm onto a winner with this idea.
I've carefully tucked it into a little zip lock bag that once held spare buttons for a shirt. I'm not sure whether to stash it in my handbag as a boardom buster or keep it as an advent calender gift. 

I might even make a second set so I can do both.


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