Tuesday, 13 September 2016

An emotional few days.

The time has come. Monday morning saw DD2 wearing her crisp new uniform and shiny school shoes.
I can't believe my chunky litype baby has become this cheeky not so little monkey already.

After her introduction session on Monday each member of her class came home clutching a little organza bag. A little survival kit for all us weepy parents sitting at home and fretting.

Two days in and the poor thing is already feeling the burn. Goodness knows how she'll be on Friday. 
 Goodness knows how I'll be by Friday the house is being given a hefty scrubbing as I try to keep myself distracted from clock watching.
 Many many projects are on the horizon.

X X x


  1. How sweet, we had the same with our first going to preschool. Hope she made it today feeling better.


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