Monday, 26 October 2015

Spooky Staunton Farm.

We decided that the weather today was just too nice to let pads. So we dug out our farm membership card and headed out for the day.
The whole farm has a spooky theme for half term. They have done a great job this year! Every tree and shrub has a spider or ghost, several animal pens have spooky skeletons or carved pumpkins.

There are spooky crafts in the Gothic tower with a real witch (hat and everything!) She showed us how to make a bat and cat wand for out spell casting at home.

There is also a fantastic animal encounter walk you can do. We stroked millipedes, hissing cockroachs, snakes and lizards. At the end is a challenge to put your hand inside four mystery boxes each containing something strange. I  won't spoil the suprises of what they contain but rest assured many a brave person finished with a scream. Me included!

By the time we found some freshly marked graves in the flower gardens we were quite spooked out.
Time for home and a warming cup of hot chocolate.
Both girls are already asking to go again, I'm wondering if we can convince Nanny and Grandad to join us. I'm desperate to see my mum stroke a cockroach and try out those boxes!!!

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