Saturday, 17 October 2015

Art and disasters.

DD would like to show you all her hand made coaster. All the children at her school have made one to help raise funds for the PTA. 
I thought it was a lovely picture of two ladies sharing ice cream but DD has confirmed that they are actually fighting over it. 

The shower disks are now in for round two. They came.out far to crumble and melted in seconds when Hubby tested one. 
So I've crushed them all back down to powder and this time added water until runny. Rather than pat them into rounds this time I poured them.
 Hopefully they will set a bit firmer this time.

X x x

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  1. We did the same thing on Saturday! Went to a farm for our pumpkins :)
    I have a huge one which I haven't started work on yet.......I always make a big batch of spicy Pumpkin soup but the pumpkin I have is so big that I will have lots of flesh left over so will have to freeze it for another day soup making.

    I love Halloween!


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