Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Spiced Plum Crumble Slices

Yesterday dinner time we finished the last slices of my birthday cake. So today was baking day. After the hugely chocolatey and gooey birthday cake I fancied something a little less sweet and a little more crunchy.

On Saturday my parents treated me and the children to some tea and cake at a local garden centre. Mum and me had the most delicious Plum crumble slices, and promised each other to hunt down the recipe online 
After a few false starts I found this
I just changed the peaches to plums and voila!

It tastes heavenly just the right amount of sweet and sour in one bite. I'm definitely stashing the recipe for the future.

As I was washing up my Hubby asked if I'd seen what Baby D was doing. Fearing the worst I dried my hands and rushed into the playroom.
She was "baking" with her play kitchen. Using my oven glove to take trays of cereal in and out of oven. I think someone's been watching her mama in the kitchen. So adorable!

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