Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pajamas and comfort food.

 It's been a dark and stormy day down south. The girls were finding the thunder quite scary but Gman was beaming away completely unbothered. Daddy was back at work today and all three of the children had post holiday grumps. I declared it jammy day and sat them in front of movies and  kindle apps all day. It kept the peace nicely and allowed everyone to nap at will. Baby D managed two naps today, something she's not done since a very young age, and she still went to bed by 7pm.
 Lunch was crumpets with jam and dinner was my favourite comfort food chilli con carne and rice.
  Tomorrow is hubbies birthday so I need them on top form for his birthday lunch.

X x x


  1. Crumpets, chilli, pyjamas sounds perfect xxxx

  2. Nothing wrong with a PJ day! :-)


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