Saturday, 1 August 2015

Creation Galore!

Today was my last day to finish the blanket above. It's a gift for one of DD'S friends, tomorrow is her birthday party. All I need to do is double check it for stray ends (there's always one!) and wrap it up.

I distracted the girls with the cutting and sticking tin. It's where I keep any colourful scraps for crafts. Wrapping paper, tissue paper, cut up magazine pictures.... it's filled with all sorts.
DD chose to make a shiny flower.

DD make a Peppa Pig playground. 
Both have been proudly attached to the playroom wall.

X x x

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  1. I love the blanket, I like how the colours have created the block effect, I need to try that on my next granny square for my patchwork crochet blanket I am currently making.


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