Saturday, 22 August 2015

Baby D turns 3!

We have had a wonderful day celebrating Baby D's third birthday. Several members of the family got together for a trip to Peppa pig world.
We took a huge picnic and plenty of blankets for lunch, and gallons of drinks. 
It was a scorching hot day both girls were well coated in sun lotion and offered drinks constantly.

Baby D enjoyed meeting her favourite characters and going on the rides.
I have photos of her hugging every character we came across, in each one she is beaming from ear to ear. 
Tomorrow is definetly going to be a pajama day to recover.

Happy birthday D!

X x x

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  1. Looks a lovely day for such a outing.
    My son adores Peppa Pig, I have heard of Peppa Pig World but unfortunately its a long way from where we live so I am saving up to take him there.
    Baby D looks very happy with Peppa and George :)


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